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Over the past decade, Keisha has worked extensively with school based

K-12 populations, including children

with special needs.  She is fluent in sign language, has received training in various literacy programs, loves to use multi-modality teaching methods, and promotes excellence in the children and adults she works with.

Our guides are waiting to lead you on your next fun, yet educational, outdoor experience, so you’ve got to get outdoors with us, today!

With our TEAM, even the everyday outdoor enthusiast will be excited to participate.

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Keisha oversees Let's Go Outdoors' therapeutic program initiatives, focusing on improving speech communication skills, among kids and youth, using outdoor activities/themes.  In addition to being a co-founder for Let's Go Outdoors, she serves as national speaker with Diverse Environmental Leaders Speakers Bureau, has served as a panelist for multiple outdoor/environmental conferences and is Program Manager for our "Nature Intervention" initiative.  Keisha holds a Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology from Gallaudet University and a Bachelors from Loyola University in Maryland (was Loyola College).

There’s nothing fun about feeling unsure, out of place, limited in your knowledge, or even afraid when being in the great outdoors! That's why we're here to make your outdoor experience welcoming, easy, fun and unique.  Let's Go Outdoors is comprised of two exceptional visionary leaders, Keisha and Tarsha Scovens. 

Through her vision, dedication and unfailing commitment to see more people of color experience nature, Tarsha laid the foundation for Let's Go OUtdoors.  In 2012, Tarsha won the Turning Point Prize, which funded her

"Let's Go Outdoors" project idea and paved

the way for us to become the full-service outdoor programming organization we are now.

With over 20 years of leadership, programming and coordination experience, along with a passion for the outdoors, Tarsha is spearheading a movement to ethnically diversify outdoor participation. In addition to being a co-founder for Let's Go Outdoors, she serves as Southeast Regional Director for the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators, is a volunteer teacher with Keep Philadelphia Beautiful and board member for Friends of High School Park.  Tarsha holds a Masters in Professional Communication from La Salle University and a Bachelors in Liberal Studies from Virginia Wesleyan Collge.

Keisha and Tarsha couldn't turn their vision into reality without the phenomenal support of multi-talented team members.  Check out the Let's Go Outdoors TEAM in action, as well as in fun solo pics below.