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Healing Ourselves Outdoors Together (HOOT) is excited to welcome families to participate in our Spring, 2024 Program.  Our Theme this season is: Watersheds & Wildlife.  We'll explore water's presence in our community environments and learn about the living creatures that make this habitat their home.  By completing the form below, it will:

  • Confirm your registration in our HOOT, Spring 2024 Program
  • Allow you to choose your pickup location for your FREE HOOT Kit (to be used during our ZOOM session)
  • Let you pick the ZOOM session you will attend (we'll do our first activity together - materials provided in HOOT Kit)

Please complete the form so that you are all set for our upcoming HOOT journey this spring!  Looking forward to seeing you soon and we will be in touch when we receive your responses.

HOOT Registration, Kit Pickup & ZOOM Registration Form