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Sometimes a family needs a "great escape," also known by Let's Go Outdoors as a quality time family bonding trip (hope that got you smiling!). This program resembles our other "Family Explorer" programs, since it offers organized fun, guidance, comfort in the outdoors, snack, plus takes part in neighborhood greenspace locations.  However, it requires attendance at six of our "Family Urban Explorer" sessions AND incorporates a local, yet exciting, outdoor/environmental themed field trip for participating child(ren) with their parent/caregiver.  Sessions are 60-minutes (or less, depending on time and lesson) and once child(ren) attend six, they will receive an invite for the scheduled trip, which is offered three times per year at varying sites.  Click here to view calendar.

These sessions build on comfort in the outdoors and  improve environmental awareness in one's neighborhood.  Snack, with juice box, is provided and the outdoor fun for families activity may include outdoor bingo, nature twister, around the block scavenger hunt, and others we creatively develop.  Since sessions are held in varying neighborhoods, the times/days are not set and participants can pick and choose sessions according to the calendar.  Would you like sessions in your neighborhood? Contact us and be sure to note the neighborhood.

This FREE exploratory program, adapted from the National Recreation and Park Association's "Wildlife Explorers" program, is an experience for the entire family and/or caregiver with child(ren) to enjoy.   The goal is to encourage discovery and increase comfort in spending time in nature, as a family, on a "when you're available" schedule.  Sessions are 30-minutes, held on varying days/dates and DO NOT require attending a set number of sessions.  This program is perfect for those seeking a short, loosely guided experience outdoors.  View our calendar for upcoming "Family Wildlife Explorer" sessions.


What's better than exploring?... Exploring together, in your own  neighborhood! Families, participating in our "Neighborhood Explorers" program, not only experience the ease of getting outdoors, but also connect their child(ren) to social fun and delightful moments of family nature discovery. ​ In 45-minutes (or less, depending on time and lesson), participants will engage in a well-organized, guided, family-friendly outdoor experience.