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One of Let's Go Outdoors' primary goals is to reach under-represented communities and what better way than through surveys and outreach. As you're likely aware, Philadelphia is a majority people of color city, however, visitors to our outdoor spaces aren't representative of such. Therefore, we're asking you, no matter your racial identity, to lend us your "voice," by completing our short survey(s).  Or, feel free to  invite us to your community group or organization meeting, in which we can  host a FREE family program with focus group.

Let's Go Outdoors' non-profit affiliate program, Urban Outdoor Initiatives (UOI), under the fiscal sponsorship of United Charitable, provides outdoor themed activities and environmental education programs to underrepresented, economically disadvantaged groups, especially people of color in city communities.  Differing from Let's Go Outdoors, UOI focuses 100% of efforts in distressed, underserved, underrepresented and/or economically disadvantaged communities.  



Neighborhood Surveys/Outreach

Keisha and Tarsha Scovens, co-founders of Let's Go Outdoors, are consistently sharing their "Diversifying the Outdoors" message, city community knowledge and urban programming experiences with those that are willing and interested in listening.  Their action-oriented, interactive talks have been given at local conferences to Include:  PALTA, Schuylkill Watershed Congress, and DVAEYC.  Interested in having Keisha and/or Tarsha speak at your event and/or to your organization, contact Diverse Environmental Leaders Speakers Bureau or submit an inquiry via our contact us page.