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Let's Go 1, 2, 3, starts with the an introductory, INDOOR, environmental education lesson.  By providing an indoor lesson, participants connect to the outdoors without feeling unfamiliar or limited in their environmental knowledge. Educators are able to assess interest levels, facilitate honest discussion and establish connection during this first step, giving way to excitement about the outdoors and/or a real interest in environmental learning. 

It's time to take the excitement and learning outdoors!  In the second portion of the unique Let's Go 1, 2, 3! model, participants are engaged in an OUTDOOR lesson at their "home-site," which may be a schoolyard, parking lot, city street, etc.  Educators guide individuals in citizen science type lesson, such as birding, nature scavenger hunt, watershed walk, tree identification, or built vs. natural environment activity.  This session "eases" participants into connecting with their local outdoor environment.

After 1, 2, 3:  Take Action or Donate

Step 2: On-Site Outdoor Activity

Let's Go 1, 2, 3!*  

underrepresented populations, using a 3-step model!

The primarily goal of Let's Go 1, 2, 3! is to alleviate barriers, though once that is done, we want individuals to "take action."  Furthering their knowledge, positive behavior changes, seeking environmental employment are some such actions.  Therefore, Let's Go 1, 2, 3! is never really over.  However, to continue, we need funding and if you or your organization is able, please consider donating now.

Lived experiences are the best experiences, right? (at least most times).  Through the final Let's Go 1,2,3! step, participants are immersed in the "great outdoors" by taking an EXCURSION to a non-local/regional site for hands-on learning and connection.  Sites include environmental education centers, state/national parks, a national wildlife refuge and/or state/national forests.

* Let's Go 1, 2, 3! is a registered 501(c)3 and operates as the non-profit arm of Let's Go Outdoors.  All programming of Let's Go 1, 2, 3! is free, alleviating financial barriers for participation.

Alleviating barriers to outdoor experiences for