​​The 3rd step is the "trip" (aka field experience) step that introduces Let's Go 1-2-3 participants to a park, center, or recreation site for an in-depth excursion. Participants find this to be the most exciting part of the process, with location/excursion options such as; rock climbing, whitewater rafting, ziplining, hiking, camping, and others. ​

Let's Go 1-2-3 is a registered 501(c)3 and operates as the non-profit arm of Let's Go Outdoors.  ALL programming of Let's Go 1-2-3 is FREE and aims to take any financial, material/equipment fees, or other barrier that might prevent people from participating in outdoor experiences.

​​​After completing this 3-Step Model without barriers to the outdoor experiences, participants are challenged to take a "next step" or complete an "action" item that gives back or improves the outdoors, or moves forward an environmental issue.  

​​Progressing to the OUTDOORS, Let's Go 1-2-3's second step leads an exciting program for participants at/nearby their indoor location. This is an easy way to introduce people to options such as; Birding, Geocaching, Nature Walks, Sketching/Journaling, Gardening and More... This is the start of connecting people to their local outdoor environment.

​​​Let's Go 1-2-3: Board Members

Rachel Brown (Secretary), Outdoor Youth Educator & Environmental Nerd
Rachel Tadlock, Elementary Teacher, School District of Lancaster
Patrick Edouard,Community Activist & Political Advocate
Deandra Witt,Leader of Black Philadelphia Meetup
Gary Paprocki (Treasurer), Executive Director, Youth Empowerment Services

Let's Go Outdoors

Step 2:Outdoor Activity

​​Let's Go 1-2-3: The Model


After 1, 2 & 3:  Take Action or Donate

PO Box 27551, Philadelphia, PA 19118

866-878-3595, info@letsgooutdoors.net

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This introductory step focuses on hesitant, nervous, or 1st time participants in "outdoor" stuff and serves as a agauge or refresher for those with experience.  Let's' Go 1-2-3's fun team comes to provide an engaging, hands-on, INDOOR lesson that relates to the outdoors/environment.  Possibilities include, DIY, STEAM, Sensory Exploration.

Step 3: Trip/Excursion

 Step 1: Indoor Lesson

​​​Let's Go 1-2-3: Our Supporters and Partners